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Create, import and reuse watermarks using our compelling tools.

Customize your watermark

We provide you with all the necessary tools to create and apply elegant, unobtrusive and effective watermarks to your photos. Simple, yet powerful editing tools let you create stunning multi-layer watermarks allowing you to protect and copyright your photos online.

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Watermarked samples provided by our users

Promote your business while protecting your photos with your custom watermark.

Your watermark, your way

Your options in customizing your watermark are endless.

Fonts galore

Choose from hundreds of professional typefaces or upload your own custom font.

Copyright symbols

Make your watermark official with a copyright, trademark or a registered symbol.


Fine-tune the transparency of your watermark to blend it subtly into your photos.

Scale & Rotate

Resize your watermark and rotate 360° to achieve the perfect fit.

Color & Background

Set the color and background of your watermark or get specific by entering a color hex code.


Add stroke to your text and apply styles to make your watermark unique.

Perfect positioning

Place your watermark wherever you want it to appear on your photo or snap it to center.

Tiled watermarks

Make your watermarks repeat across your entire photo with one click.

A beautiful font, a great starting point

Enrich the visual appearance of your watermarks.

Elegant professional fonts

High-end fonts

Choose from our collection of designer fonts trusted by experienced professionals.

Handwritten fonts

Cursive fonts

Use quality handwritten fonts that create an authentic handmade feel with print-perfect quality.

Fonts supporting foreign characters

Foreign languages

Our fonts support many foreign language characters including Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek and Hebrew.

Use your own logo

Add your own watermark, logo, or overlay to your photos before publishing them online. Adjust your logo's size and transparency and position it wherever you want it to appear on your photo.

Re-use your watermark

Save your watermark as a template and re-apply it next time. Watermark templates allow you to apply your existing watermarks with one click.