Any image type, any resolution

We support all major image types, even hi-res images for retina display.

Import all your photos and videos in seconds

We provide a transparent upload experience with ultra-fast speeds.

Drag and drop upload

Drag & drop

Drag and drop your files directly from your desktop into our application.

Upload multiple photos at once

Multi-file upload

Import as many files as you desire at once with our multi-file uploader.

Import all your Facebook photos

Facebook photos

Connect your Facebook account and upload files from your albums or your business pages.

No worries, your original files remain untouched.

Animated GIFs fully supported

All our application features are fully compatible with animated GIF files. Add an authentic watermark to your animated GIFs before sharing them on the internet.

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What you see is what you get

Your content quality is fully preserved in print-perfect condition.

Watermark high resolution photos

High resolution

We support all hi-res photos without any loss in photo quality.

Support for all color modes

All color modes

Our application supports RGB, CMYK and color managed photos.

Meta data fully preserved

Preserved metadata

All EXIF and IPTC information in your image files is fully preserved.